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Without a vote, the world again watches

    Each of our founding Fathers had a long pondered the concept of democracy that burned with hope in their individual hearts. Each heart held a unique understanding of democracy. When the Fathers met together each independent heart beat stronger and stronger until it found the common rhythm and together bellowed the fire needed to forge the only document throughout time that established a Democracy. The hard executed Declaration of Independence shaped the quill that fed Democracy's pure ink that lettered the Constitution of these United States. Americans know that citizens of a country cannot really elect a democracy. True, anyone can use the word democracy but it's manifestation would be unfamiliar. American Democracy is the result of conception, gestation, birthing. It requires continual nurturing, honoring and protecting. Unlike a human child, American Democracy will never become emancipated and leave home. Our Democracy lives in and through the lives of its people and so remains America's common child. It is our treasure. It is what people come to see but it is not an object to be seen, to be viewed. It is the idea and heart that is America.
    Democracy is an idea and must be understood, desired, chosen, attained, cherished and defended. It cannot be cloned or duplicated. Each people must find their way and name their journey. American Democracy may or may not be the governing principle that another people want to embrace and realize. But, Democracy's torch held high in one nation allows all to see their way more brightly. So without a vote to cast in this first Afghan election, Americans and the rest of the world can only watch. We can only trust that the Afghan citizens are clear of thought, courageous and free to cast their ballot and have their voice heard without dissimulation. We can only watch to see if this election will bring the pure, righteous and just desires of their national heart. However, we can watch through prayerful eyes.

Peace to struggling hearts everywhere.
Peace to voting peoples.

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